Teach English to young learners in Budapest

Westport English is a private English language school focused on teaching English to young learners (ages 6-14) in Budapest, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

This short checklist will give you an indication of whether your profile makes a good match for a position on our excellent teaching team.


  • native level English speaker,
  • university/college degree,
  • internationally recognized ESL teaching qualification required (Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL preferred),
  • minimum two to three years’ experience teaching English to children as a foreign language,
  • enthusiasm, professionalism, responsibility, and reliability,
  • EU citizenship,
  • DBS clearance (previously CRB),
  • a love of teaching children is an absolute must.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in an English teaching job in Hungary, take the first step to applying by filling out the application form below.

Why teach kids at Westport English in Budapest?

  • Be part of a team of highly personable and professionally qualified teachers
  • Teach enthusiastic kids in centrally located teaching facilities
  • Enjoy a professionally and personally rewarding experience in a positive, supportive environment
  • Receive attractive compensation, help to ease your transition when you first get here and support throughout


The city

Budapest truly is the heart at the centre of central Europe. A vibrant, regenerating city that combines the best of the West with the first indications of Eastern promise, Hungary’s capital has something to offer for everyone.

Bisected by the Danube River, the city-of-two-halves has a history that dates back a thousand years, something that is reflected in its rich architecture and quilted customs. The Sunday Times is quoted as saying it is high culture and fine dining next to bubbling baths and ruinous drinking; a reference to its numerous thermal spas and unique ruin bars. The Guardian gives a more detailed account of just what the city has to offer, however, lauding Budapest’s famous festive markets, stunning architecture, and mouth-watering local dishes.

Why is Budapest the best city for you?

There are several reasons why Budapest is the ideal location for a motivated and qualified EFL teacher. Firstly, it offers an affordable quality of life that no other capital city can claim. The Price of Travel website states that it is the 6th cheapest city to visit in Europe.

However, this does not take into account just how well-located this stunning capital is. With seven interesting and unique countries bordering Hungary, Budapest is the perfect location to discover the sunny shores of Croatia, the majestic mountains of Slovakia, and the exquisite architecture of Austria.

Yet there are more than a few reasons for you to put off your long weekends until you have truly explored every inch of the city first. CNN’s recent travel article states that Budapest’s skyline is one of the most stunning in Europe, while The New York Times extols the virtues of the vibrant nightlife, art scenes, and endless entertainment.

If you truly want to know how you can while away your time in Budapest, however, there is no better place to look than Meetup.com. Here you can find a list of the hundreds of English speaking clubs and societies, offering opportunities in everything from writing and rock-climbing to Pilates and painting.

In fact, the only real problem that Budapest suffers from, is that once people make the decision to move here, very few ever want to leave.  


Think a job teaching English in Hungary is for you? Read on.

  • Our team – We have an excellent team of professional and personable native level English teachers dedicated to helping their students develop,
  • Our students – The students at our private language school for children are enrolled in classes because both they and their parents are motivated and realize the importance of learning English for their lives.
  • Our locations – Our locations for teaching English to children are appropriately equipped for the needs of young learners and centrally located in Budapest.
  • Our package – We offer attractive remuneration, a supportive professional environment, and assistance getting settled in upon arrival.


Enjoy teaching English to kids in Hungary with:

  • partial flight reimbursement within Europe
  • an accommodation stipend for your first fortnight in Budapest
  • attractive, fixed monthly compensation
  • free pass to a high-quality fitness club with extensive fitness and wellness facilities
  • support and regular opportunities for professional development
  • Budapest, one of Europe’s best kept secrets at your front doorstep

How to apply for an open position to teach English to young learners at Westport English?

First, carefully read the position requirements and profile. If it seems like a match and an opportunity that motivates you, fill out the application form here.

Teachers with relevant experience and qualifications who meet the key position requirements will be contacted via e-mail and invited to participate in a Skype interview. Important, all interview times are in Budapest time (GMT+2).

The first interview focuses on the candidate’s qualifications and previous experience and gives them a chance to outline why they are interested in the available position and teaching young learners in Hungary.

A second Skype interview will be scheduled with candidates who have had a successful first interview. The second interview delves into greater detail regarding the candidate’s teaching experience and professional background. An offer will then be made to a candidate or candidates from the short list.

We are unable to individually respond to each application. Those applicants will be contacted who are invited to an interview.

What qualifications and experience are required to teach English to kids at Westport English in Budapest?

All candidates are required to have a university or college degree, Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL or equivalent qualification, a native level of English and at least two to three years of previous experience teaching English as a foreign language to young learners. Additionally, candidates must have EU citizenship, DBS clearance (previously CRB), and a passion for teaching children.


Are only native English teachers encouraged to apply?

The teachers at Westport English are mainly native English teachers from the UK and Ireland. We also work with native level Hungarians, i.e bilingual teachers of English.

To supplement the language instruction in Hungarian schools, parents of children learning English at Westport English wish their children to be exposed as early as possible to authentic English pronunciation.

For this reason, all teachers at Westport English are required to have a native level of English language ability.

What kind of courses do teachers have the opportunity to teach at Westport English?

  • Small group courses to children (ages 6-14) – groups are kept small (4-10 students) to ensure optimal attention and opportunity for practice and communication. The focus of the courses, in addition to helping the children master the foundations of the language, is to help them communicate with confidence, all in an age appropriate and enjoyable way.
  • Summer camps – day camps are also organized in the summer in or near Budapest to help boost children’s English in a fun, active way during the summer school break. Young learner focused teachers at Westport will have the chance to help take part in preparations leading up to the camp as well in the camp itself.
  • Adult and other courses – in addition to the young learner courses comprising the core of Westport English, teachers have the opportunity to teach 1:1 classes to young learners, and small group classes (4-8 students) to adults with a general, business and IELTS focus at central locations in Budapest.


What opportunities are available for professional development and progression?

Regular meetings and teaching workshops are held to exchange information and promote professional development. Additionally, as Westport English is a recently established school, there are plenty of opportunities to get in on the ground floor, have an impact and grow with the organization.

Here are some areas that teachers have previously been involved with in addition to teaching:

  • Help organize English language Meetups in Budapest
  • Level testing
  • Curriculum development
  • Mentoring and supporting new teachers, induction
  • Establishing new programs
  • Having an overall and tangible impact on the organization

As the school is expanding rapidly both in terms of size and course offerings, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and try out different roles.


What kind of support do teachers receive who have just arrived to teach English in Budapest?

Newly arrived teachers receive partial air-ticket reimbursement to cover some of the cost of the flight between the UK/Ireland and Budapest. Also, a two-week accommodation stipend is paid to cover the cost of basic accommodation in the initial period until longer-term accommodations are found. If necessary, we are happy to provide help seeking a longer-term housing arrangement.

With regards to professional support, paid induction is organized and each new teacher is given a senior teacher or academic coordinator as a mentor available to provide individual help and attention. Furthermore, new teachers have the chance to observe classes taught by senior teachers at the school. Finally, teachers are given access to our library of hardcopy and digital resources and printing and copying facilities.

For the purposes of gathering feedback, surveys are conducted on a regular basis among students, parents and teachers, and their responses and suggestions are used to develop and improve our processes.


What are teaching schedules like for a typical teacher at Westport English?

English teachers at Westport should expect to teach a full load of classes from Tuesday to Thursday and classes on Saturday mornings and afternoons, with reduced hours on Monday (16:00 start at the earliest) and Fridays (except for teacher meetings and workshops on some Fridays) off in return.


How easy is it to get around Budapest? What is the public transport system like?

Budapest’s public transport system of four metro lines and an extensive network of trams and buses is world class and easy to navigate.

All of our teachers consistently praise the excellent public transport and ease of travel in Budapest. Budapest is a European capital with lots to offer, yet manageable in size and easy to get around.

All of our language centers are centrally located and easily accessible. Travel time from one point to the other in Budapest using public transport is typically 20-40 minutes.

The cost of a monthly pass in Budapest is HUF 9,500 (EUR 30), providing unlimited access to the city’s public transport infrastructure.


Where to live in the city?

Districts 4, 8, 9, 11, and 13 of Budapest have proven to be the most popular choices among teachers for their balance of affordable housing and easy access to public transport and the city center.

A good place to start your flat search is www.alberlet.hu/en. This website lists flats in English (prices in EUR) and Hungarian (prices in HUF).

Many teachers have found relevant, local Facebook groups to be a good source of appropriate accommodation.

Here are a few:


How much does it cost to live in Budapest?

According to a survey of our teachers, typical costs of living in Budapest are as follows:

(EUR 1 = approx. HUF 325)

Housing per person – HUF 40,000-70,000 (EUR 120-220) for rent in shared housing (own room, shared common areas). Be prepared to pay two months deposit and first month’s rent when renting accommodations. This provides the most economical option and the best chance to develop a good social network.

Utilities – HUF 15,000-25,000 (EUR 45-80) gas, water, electricity, building maintenance

Transport – HUF 9,500 (EUR 30), monthly public transport pass, unlimited transport in Budapest

Food – HUF 30,000-50,000 (EUR 90-155), depending on whether you like prefer to cook or eat out more

Entertainment – HUF 40,000-60,000 (EUR 120-185)

Some typical food costs: Loaf of bread – HUF 250; Milk – liter of milk HUF 220; Beer in store – HUF 200-250; Coffee – HUF 300 (espresso); Gyros sandwich – HUF 700; Meal, inexpensive restaurant – HUF 1,500; Draught beer in restaurant – HUF 400-600; Cinema ticket – HUF 1,500-1,700

More detailed costs of living here: www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Budapest

On average, teachers spend about a third of monthly compensation on rent for shared accommodations (own room, shared common areas), utilities, and transport with the remaining two thirds left for food, entertainment, and travel.


When was Westport founded? By whom?

Westport English was founded in 2018 by Michael Lyons. After 15 years of teaching English in Budapest, in 2013 Michael established Angol Intézet, which went on to become one of the leading business English language schools in Budapest.

It became apparent that there was strong demand for classes for young learners on the part of Angol Intézet’s corporate and business clients for their children. Westport English was established to address that need in the form of high-quality group classes taught by native level English teachers for school aged children in Budapest.

Westport combines the support of a well established school with the exciting potential of a new program.


What are we proud of?

Without hesitation, the single thing we are most proud of is our fantastic teaching team.

We have an outstanding team of professional and personable teachers and a positive, supportive environment.

We are fully aware that our teachers are the key to our success, thus teacher wellbeing and professional support and development are our top priorities.

What opportunities are there to socialize for teachers at Westport?

In addition to the host of international events and meetups that Budapest has to offer, the school also organizes teacher socials/teambuilding events twice a year. Past events have consisted of laser tag, bowling, and exit rooms, followed by dinner and drinks.

Additionally, of course, our teachers meet and socialize regularly on an informal basis.